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24x7 service Monitoring, billing & Technical Support

Is that your support cost overeating your business Profit?

Today as everyones life is getting more faster, Consumers will opt for buying products that are more reliable and easy to get customer service. Our helpdesk support services makes your webhosting customer service available 24x7x365 basis which can extend your customer's possibility to reach you irrespective of their timezone and geographical location. Being pioneers in webhosting support services, we have developed our own proven customer support delivery models which can deliver services at the pace both the technology and business grows. We have customer service wing working jointly with our technical support wing, provides you the facility to get all your faster customer care solutions under a single roof. This ensures faster and easier customer services even for issues that needed to involve both customer service and technical department through our internal communication

1.The sales team:

Importance of a sales team can never be over-emphasised for any means of buisness. The experience and history of the sales team will determine the growth of any business.

Our sales team can cover up 24x7, who can promote your business with out dropping a single oppurtunity that may slip due to issues with their geographical location or timezone.

our sales team is capable of,

1. Generating new hosting opportunities through self generation, referrals, networking and company leads
2. Prospecting, presenting, and closing hosting solutions to mid/large customers
3. Identifying clients needs and qualifying them for business opportunities
4. Highly trained Sales Engineering team to develop innovative solutions to meet customers needs
5. Meeting or exceeding sales quotas
6. Managing customers and prospects via customer management software/database.
7. Creating and Maintaing weekly and monthly sales report.
8. Develop and maintain strong, long-term relationships with the customers

2.Billing and Customer Service

Billing and Customer service guys are trained to work in front line positions who will be in daily contact with various Customers on 24×7 basis. The customer service team in Ndimensionz are build with motto that "There's no real secret to get your customers to come back. All you need to do is provide customer service that exceeds your customers' expectations and outshines your competitors' customer service."

These are few responsibilities undertaken by our billing and customer service Team

1. The team will provide excellent customer service support to the sales team for Order processing and monitoring.
2. Liaising with customers on billing enquiries and invoicing matters
3. Co-ordination with internal departments to ensure on-time delivery
4. Updating sales personnel of any backlog on a monthly basis
5. Creating and Maintaing weekly and monthly billing reports
6. Ensuring that financial policies are adhered to at all times
7. Other administrative duties as assigned

3. Technical Team

At Ndimensionz, we had envisaged market needs for longer years and build a group of experienced techs with various vendor specilisations and through their years of interaction, we have developed unique training program for creating vendor netural tech team, who are specialised in both linux and windows based control panels and their underlaying technologies. Thus our clients got the oppurtunity to reduce the support cost by hiring more vendor neutral techs who can deliver specialised support in various technologies thereby cutting down cost of maintaining seperate tech team for both technological streams together.

3.1.Technical Support level-1&2, Vendor Neutral Techs

Ndimensionz Vendor Neutral technical support team is really an asset for Hosting industry. Our technical capability, experience and precision achieves higher customer retention which ensures continual growth for your company at any point of time. This frontline technical support team are the guys in team who will address the customer queries faster (may be in 5minutes) with precise d replies

Few of responsibilities undertaken by our technical wing are

1. Provide Chat/email support to the client, with immediate resolution of issues.
2. Deliver Good knowledge of products and services. (WHM/Cpanel,Plesk,Ensim,Direct Admin,LxLabs, Your products and Plans)
3. Essential Scripting to automate usual maintenance works.
4. Liase with Engineers to resolve issues successfully.
5. Keep average 20-30 minutes Response Time.
6. Replies will be under Your Companie's Brand.
7. Monitoring the IT infrastructure to keep it with out fail.
8. Escalating tickets to proper departments with sufficient notes.

3.2.Technical support level 3:

Ndimensionz Tier 3 guys work all in all from, server setups, implmenting security,user access policy and modelling backups and disaster recovery. These guys are highly trained and skilled by experience to work on hosting products (WHM/Cpanel,Plesk,Ensim,Direct Admin,LxLabs,Helm) and have deep insight to formulate and implement AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) which limit resource usuage (max_memory, max_cpu, max db connections etc) according to plan, the customer purchased. This will help the clients to get more profit from the existing infrastructure before opting for newer ones.