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Apachebooster is a tool developed by Ndimensionz and it enhances the server performance many folds. It enhance the caching of both static and dynamic pages and make the websites to load much faster than before (4)

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Top Big Data Analytics Tools in 2020

Contents1) Apache Hadoop3) Cassandra4) Datawrapper5) MongoDB One of the obvious things about big data and its future is that the amount of data produced every day will only remain to grow. So far, we are generating around 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data every day, and this will only rise in the future. Big data is  Full Article…


Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Website

Contents Avoid Website Design Mistakes and Nurture through NdimensionZ Illustration of web design While push notifications and open tabs keep striving for our eye, it may come as no wonder that in 2020, web design will depend on intuitiveness and accuracy of use. In an environment that’s filled with data, the websites need to be  Full Article…


ERP Implementation Over: What’s Next?

Allied Market Research states that the global Market of ERP is all set to touch US$41.69 Billion by the year 2020, which clearly indicates the strength of ERP as an indispensable tool in industries that are looking to streamline its operations. ERP can be implemented in any industry, but here we narrow down our discussion  Full Article…


Design Thinking Takeaways for Successful Mobile Products

Contents What is Design Thinking? Product Vision Statement User Journeys Importance of User Personas in Creating User Journeys Importance of User Journeys for Mobile App Development Importance of Wireframes for Mobile App Development Product Roadmaps and Mobile App Development The process of developing and launching a successful mobile product is not a cakewalk, with many  Full Article…


Best ITSM Tools For 2020

In this digital organization’s age, technology advances rapidly, ultimately resulting in making IT service management a very dire aspect that offers assistance to businesses. The ITSM that we spoke about focuses on strengthening your organization’s IT service management efforts that develope as per the needs of your company. Most of you might be thinking, what  Full Article…


Artificial Intelligence – All you have to know about AI.

ContentsAdvantages and Disadvantages of Artificial IntelligencePractical uses and applications of artificial intelligence Since the term artificial intelligence surfaced, there has always been a hype about whether or not it should be promoted. It is not uncommon to witness its debate over the internet. Those Sci-fi movies that have fuelled the already lit fire have played  Full Article…


MFG PRO: An End to End Solution For Your Business

ContentsOverviewPre-implementation of ERPPost Implementation ReviewERP OptimisationIntegration Overview Client Requirement A France-based world leader in interconnect solutions wanted a robust end-to-end solution to not only manage its complex, manufacturing and supply chain processes but to also analyze data to understand the changing needs of the business, thereby ensuring that it would retain its number 1 position  Full Article…