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Check the PHP Handler in cPanel server.

You may know  how to check the PHP Handler which is running in cPanel server via WHM(Login to WHM>>Configure PHP and suEXEC) But you can also find the PHP Handler in your server via shell by running the below shown cPanel default script. /usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_phpconf –current Eg: Available handlers: suphp dso cgi none DEFAULT PHP: 5  Full Article…


How to fix ./wp-blog-header.php error [function.require]:failed to open stream wordpress error?

  If you are seeing this errors after a fresh wordpress installation, this is most likely because you have installed wordpress into public_html instead of a sub-directory. Wordpress by default assumes it will be installed in a sub-directory. Hence you need to change the below line in the index.php from require(‘./wp-blog-header.php’); to require(‘wp-blog-header.php’);


Disable Direct root access

Disable Direct root access in Linux Server Disabling direct root access provides two levels of security. The login needs to be performed as a normal ssh user first and then switch to root user.  This necessitates two valid logins and passwords. Also  only privileged users are permitted to switch to root, that too provides another  Full Article…


Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Outlook is a popular Email client that comes bundled with the office tools. Lets take a look about how to configure the emails in outlook. Select File menu Info then click Account Settings. The Account Settings window is displayed. The E-mail tab is opened by default showing all your set up e-mail accounts (if there  Full Article…


Custom php.ini in fastCGI server.

While the PHP handler running in cPanel server is FastCGI, enabling custom php.ini for a user is being described here. If the PHP handler running in server is suPHP, then simply it is required to copy php.ini from its location to either in user’s home directory or in document root(/home/$user/public_html) and then change the owner  Full Article…


Cannot connect from ftpes in a cpanel/WHM server.

  To enabe TLS transation using ftp you need to enable the TLS encrypytion support in the server. To enable this you need to login to WHM and navigate to FTP server configuration in service configuration and enable TLS encryption support. WHM >> Service Configuration >> FTP server Configuration >> TLS encryption support


How to enable geoip in cpanel server

  Open up your SSH client (PuTTY) and log in to your VPS as root user. Then enter the following commands: # mkdir /usr/share/GeoIP # cd /usr/share/GeoIP # cd GeoIP To download and install the GeoIP database provided by MaxMind, enter the following commands: # wget # gzip -d GeoIP.dat.gz Next we will install  Full Article…


Custom SSH port

Custom SSH port in Linux Server Changing the SSH port to a custom one will increase security. This can be performed by changing the default value assigned to the directive “Port” in the configuration file /etc/ssh/sshd_config Port 22666 Once the modification is completed,  restart the sshd server and check whether you are able to connect  Full Article…