Life @ Ndimensionz



"I have been working in Ndimensionz for last 8 years and during this period I have only seen growth in Ndimensionz and my capabilities. I have been given responsibilities that maybe no other organization would give, but out here the Ndimensionz gives you higher responsibilities as well as has trust that you will complete it. Ndimensionz is a very determined organization and within this determination I find myself striving along with the company to achieve more and reach greater heights."

Ndimensionz is not just a company, it's a culture itself that lets you develop your talent and ideas because you are listened to and treated as a valuable team member. "Ndimensionz is a home away from home"



" I joined Ndimensionz family in 2008, soon after they started this venture and I am glad that I have been a part of their growth and success throughout this time. More than a company its like a family with caring and loving co-workers, any time approachable, friendly and supportive management who believe in teamwork and works hard towards customer satisfaction. I am really honoured working in a team of talented people at Ndimensionz. I would say Ndimensionz is a great start for those who are looking for challenging jobs and career growth. Once again I feel proud being here."



" I have been with Ndimensionz for the last 10 years. Though there was no shortage on professional challenges at any levels, most of the time I had a feel like a bunch of friends sitting together as a company. Never felt like an employee here, its more like you are in a place surrounded with close friends. I think it has been the success mantra for the last 6 critical years in terms of client base or employee strength, and I am sure that this will be the main contributing factor in future years."



" Ndimensionz always help me up my progress bar in both my career and personality. I can acquire lot of knowledge regarding my profession from here. Work environment here is fantastic and i'm sure i will never get these kind of atmosphere from anywhere. All the authority and establishment are always helpful to us. I always thankful to the authority for giving these kind of wonderful opportunity in my career."



" I've never known of another company that works so hard to motivate and reward its employees. The best thing about NdimensionZ is the opportunity to learn and grow. Not only am I surrounded by brilliant, friendly, and talented people, but there are so many opportunities for me to develop. I never feel complacent or bored with my role in this organization. The working culture here is friendly, helpful and positive.This is a great place to work. I am so proud to work here."



" I take this opportunity as a great chance to deliver my happiness and satisfaction with NZD over the last couple of years and it's been dazzling while considering my career as well as my personal life here in Ndimensionz. I could share/learn much from my colleagues, but I never felt simply as colleagues in fact they are my close friends.

If I come to organization's strategy or infrastructure, it's emerging day by day.

Each and everyone here in Ndimensionz can deliver their talent in ease and fruitful manner why because the organizations meets all requirements."



I'm the second employee of Ndimensionz in the testing department, I am glad at the fact that after my joining the company increased the company size by 50% since the last two years I have been working here.The experience has been awesome.I've learned a ton about managing the testing process.

Additionally, I've met and connected with lots of other awesome people through the Ndimensionz network. Thanks for the support. "