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Mobile Application Development

Healthcare App

SMARTRDT (Malaria Consortium)
SmartRdt is a mobile application for facilitating the medical survey. The app facilitates survey documentation for hospitals and organizations engaged in health surveys in the remote areas. The app provides image processing facility that detects the readings automatically from clinical devices using for diagnosis of Malaria with the help of camera. The app also can able to upload the conducted tests with patient�s medical and clinical information to remote server, so can able to get report of the survey lively.


Utility App

Track My Ride Messenger
Track my ride, is a mobile application that provides you a better way of informing your dear ones about your current location while you are travelling. It will send details about your current location to the contact numbers which you have added as recipient so that they will be getting updated details about your location periodically.



Mymobile is a security app for android phone which can locate the stolen or mis-placed phone. Moreover the free version allow users to remotely lock, alarm and wiping the data in it through web and sms. The premium version includes the backup of phone data to cloud and restore it on demand. The spy feature which again a premium feature can be used for spying on the activities performed on your mobile like call and sms monitoring as well.


App Promotion Platform

Funtap is an app promotion platform. This app can be greatly used by marketing companies or the app developing companies for the promotion of their mobile apps. Using Funtap, you can build a large number of audience easily by providing rewards to the people who are using it. Funtap user can get 10 rewards daily by tapping the interface, but for getting more rewards, the user need to download a featured app. The rewards can gift coupons from Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra or similar. Anyone can start app promotion at any time using Funtap.



Have you ever missed out on a favorite tv program because you never knew its broadcasting time? You were not aware when was your favorite sports team's match aired and you missed all the fun? Channel now is exactly the app you need ! Channel Now is an application which helps Indian television viewers to search for the program timings in different channels and set reminders for their favorite programs.



Give your brain some really fun exercise with Konnect! Konnect is more than a puzzle, once you start playing Konnect, you will not be able to disconnect yourself from it! Every new level is a new challenge, it becomes more interesting with every passing level. The user need to connect the dots in a stipulated time period and in a particular manner. The animation effect summoned with music gives the user a great playing ambience. You will be rewarded with bonus points according to your performance. Connect with Konnect!


Mobile Application Development.

The mobile application team of Ndimensionz consists of experienced professionals, who are passionate and creative developers! We combine the latest technology with Supreme quality idea and develop mobile applications that can work on IPhone, Android and the platform of Windows 8.

It is a fact that a mobile phone is incomplete without applications! The popularity and usage of mobile applications is increasing with every passing day. There is a wide variety of applications available today, some are fun apps, some are business apps, then there are social apps etc. Different types of application are developed for different usages. At Ndimensionz all type of mobile applications are developed. Tell us your need and we will develop an mobile app that will fulfil your requirement.

At Ndimensionz, we use either native application development technique or Cross platform mobile development method to develop user friendly apps, which are easy to use and maintain. Scroll down and get a look at the various mobile application development projects we have served our clients with.

Native Application Development Cross platform mobile development
  • 100% hardware support and fulfills
    all feasible requirement into a
    functional reality
  • Native language support available
  • Implementation and modification is
    more feasible
  • New Features announced are easily
  • Native apps get full support from the
    App Store
  • QA testing and performance optimization
    easily done
  • Good support for social app integration,
    like FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Uniform look and feel
  • General scripting language used
  • Reusable across different platforms
  • Update once and sync all
  • Greater reach and more platform cover
  • Web and mobile view look similar
  • Reduces development cost

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