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Renewable Energy

renewal energy

Master PLC is a broad concept of a project which is going to have a full control over solar and wind projects. Since both of these are categorized into renewable energy resources it is advantageous for any country if it has a suitable geographic (and climatic) territory. Below is the detailed explanation of the same.

Master PLC acquires data from the sensors and is mounted on the equipments or sub-equipments of the solar and the wind projects. Their data is therefore routed to the NDZ IoT Platform for the data processing. The web-based interface enables the operators to take control of the Renewable projects from any location at any time, while the system's open communication protocols enable the easy integration with any renewable assets in the operator's portfolio.

Effortless installation

NDZ modular design also grants maximum flexibility, allowing operators to tailor the system according to their specific needs.

Efficient Monitoring

Operators can review the status of all the configured assets at a glance by providing effective analysis tool for the (under) performance monitoring.

Automated reports

Canned and Bespoke reports regarding the plants' operational status and performance, as per the requirement of the Asset Manager.

The Operators receive the real-time information such as equipment status, production data, environmental conditions of the Projects, and weather conditions across the Projects.

NDZ Big Data & Analytics module accurately forecasts the weather conditions and component failure using data from the monitoring devices. With this high level of insight, Operators can accurately forecast the amount of energy that can be stored or relayed to the Grid.

Active Monitoring

Since the components of solar projects are subject to serious damage that can potentially be caused by extreme weather conditions, the active performance monitoring becomes a necessity. The unforeseen failure of a component in PV panels or inverter is a real thing and can have adverse impact on economic return and performance. The right approach is to employ the condition monitoring technique as it optimizes the process and greatly reduces the overheads and cost of maintenance.

NRenewablZ ( NRZ) proactively detects issues so that the operators can plan and optimize maintenance outages, such as increasing availability, improving reliability, and lowering maintenance cost. Employing predictive condition-based maintenance strategy also gives the advantage to prevent major damages to equipment's. This in turn reduces the fault frequency and maximizes the lifetime of the entire plant and its individual components.

Performance Estimation

The electrical power generated by the PLC depends on a number of factors - the total incoming radiation, the angle of incidence, the module temperature, and other parameters. Solar Farm Tool enables the operators to visualize the real-time data from the solar panels and inverters.

NRenewablZ ( NRZ) allows comparison of key performance indicators of solar power plants. Deviations in performance are calculated with high accuracy and deviations are initiated by various configurable communication methods to help them achieve maximum economic return. Intimation over SMS or email is also possible

Real-time analysis and comparison between the energy produced by the plant and the estimation of the energy that should have been produced, facilitates the detection of potential issues in the installation. Operators can also identify the inverters with lower yield and the time periods of lower yield.

Alerts & Reporting

NRenewablZ ( NRZ) provides a comprehensive view of the entire solar plant. Operators can view alert status and monitor multiple plants simultaneously through a unique dashboard.

Alerts are pushed through email and SMS in case of major failures and during non-optimal performance of the system. Furthermore, they have capability to send instructions to the Master PLC for any emergency situation. Historical report module provides the operator a powerful tool to analyze amount of energy produced by the system throughout the day, week, month, and year.

Performance Manage Dashboards will be generated automatically on periodic basis and custom reports will be served as per the Bespoke requirement.

renewal energy
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