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Cloud Enablement Consulting:

Advantage of Cloud Enablement

• A pay-as-you-go model with minimal or no initial costs
• Usage-based pricing, so that costs are based on actual usage
• Elasticity, so that users can dynamically consume more or less resources
• Location independence, high availability, and fault tolerance
• Ubiquitous access to services, where users can access services from any location
using any form factor

Application migrations:

While the cloud has benefits of providing elastic, scalable infrastructure for enterprise applications, migrating to the cloud from on-site servers can introduce several challenges:

Code changes to applications –Workloads may need code and configuration changes in order to re-deploy to the cloud.

Provisioning cloud infrastructure – Deploying VMs, configuring networking and storage to support the workload.

Cloud-enabling applications – Extending applications to support monitoring, auto-scaling and storage management routines is complex and time-consuming. In some cases, this is intrusive to the application code.

Hybrid cloud deployments – In some cases, enterprises may need to run some components of applications on-site or in private clouds and other parts in public cloud from a security, compliance, or policy standpoint.

Ongoing operations and management – Resources must be assigned to maintain VM images, monitor applications, enforce policies and actions around scaling, schedule downtime, and manage budgets.

Security – Enforce data encryption in motion and at rest, and secure key management during migration and with hybrid cloud deployments. Integrate with on-site directory services and system management tools.

Ndimensionz provides end to end solution to migrate data from your existing infrastructure to cloud with 0% Data Loss, negligible downtime and 100% application compatibility

BulK Server Migrations: In bulk migration, all your servers in a legacy infrastructure is migrated to a cloud platform of your choice. Our vast experience, in handling migration make it easier for you to relieve from all the tensions of downtime and resume the service with in speculated time period.