11 Best Content Marketing Ideas For Financial Advisors For The Year 2020

According to Content Marketing Institution, content marketing is defined as, “A strategic marketing approach focused on, creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience, and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”.

In general terms, content can be text-based (blogs, articles), video-based (YouTube videos, Instagram videos, Facebook videos), and it can also be poster-based (images and captions) that are used for promoting a brand. The primary base for content marketing is its content itself.

Now, What is Content Marketing?

We will identify the audience for whom we create various contents that can turn the public into profitable customers.

What might be connecting financial advisors and content marketing?

It is the task of financial advisors to make sure that they increase the financial status of a company. And these days, content marketing is in influence.

A financial advisor, as the name suggests, gives out advice to people or businesses in setting long-term financial goals (just in case if you wanted to know). We are going to dig up the best ideas that can help a financial advisor in content marketing.

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Types of Content Marketing

In this digital era, we must cover all forms of digital marketing tactics to ensure that our product is at the top. Now we will have a look at a few types of content marketing.

A. Written Content

When we hear the word “Content Marketing”, there is a tendency to relate it to text-based content, but we do have a few other ways too. But before going into the different aspects, let us see the text-based categories.

  1. Blog Post – Blog posts are the most common types of content marketing. Blogs help in increasing business conversions. Blog post is the content in a written format.
  2. Customer Success Stories – Whenever we want to buy something online, we will surely check the reviews of people who have already bought it. So, customer success stories will help to build a perfect picture of our product.
  3. Resource Centers – Resource centers are for potential customers to clarify specific concerns regarding a product or service the company provides.
  4. Comparison Sheet – A comparison sheet shows a potential buyer, a chart, which shows side by side comparison of a product or service provided by your company and other companies. You get more conversions using this method.
  5. FAQs – Every website should have FAQs. Every person will have some doubts which they like to ask. So, we must provide them with an answer. We should create a few model questions that are frequently or most commonly asked along with answers.

B. Visual Content

Written content has got its power in content marketing, but visual content will speak much more than words could convey. Following are the types of visual contents:

  1. Images – To read a blog, we need to spend a few minutes to understand the message. An image has the power to represent a message to the viewer within seconds.
  2. Infographics – The graphical representation of information designed to make the people understand the data at a glance is infographics. Infographics help in communicating messages quickly and also simplifies the presentation of a large amount of data.
  3. Memes – Memes are the perfect form for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Memes provide the audience with the needed entertainment and also brand promotion.
  4. GIFs – It is easy to use, appealing, and is effective. It is much better than images and much cheaper too. The full form of GIF is Graphical Interchange Format.
  5. Magazines – It is not the physical magazines we get, but e-magazines. These online magazines try to join big and powerful imagery with exciting stories.

C. Interactive Content

The name itself states what it is. An interactive content is a kind of content that needs consumer engagement. An interactive content invites the interaction of the viewers and to turn them into reliable consumers. Following are the various kinds of interactive contents:

  1. Contests – It is very engaging to form a few games that offer rewards to winners. Contests never put forward any particular format. We only need maximum participation and conversions.
  2. Polls – Polls are a collection of opinions about any subject that is relevant (for those who post it) from a selected or a random group of people for analysis.
  3. Quizzes – Add more questions and answer sections on your page for the audience to ask and answer. Through this, we can know what our audience wants.
  4. Interactive white papers – Whitepapers are dense with information that makes the readers skip the page. So, now we can make these white papers more interactive using animations, hidden hover effects, and more.

D. Video Content

Have you ever wondered why we remember all the movies we watch but never remember anything we studied? Videos get engraved in our minds very fast. So, video content holds a high impact on readers. Below are its types:

  1. Product Demonstrations – Many won’t be knowing how to use a product. So, when there is a product demo video, the chance of having more conversions is high.
  2. Vlog – Video logs are known as vlogs, and these get published as video content in web television mediums like YouTube.
  3. Company Culture – It is to showcase the vibrant human side of a company. Let the audience peek into the company’s employees and culture.
  4. How-To Tutorials – It is somewhat similar to a product demonstration. The difference is, in a product demonstration we let the audience know about the product, and in how-to tutorials, we learn how to use the product.
  5. Webinar – It is a blend of web and seminar. A webinar is an event held on the internet, and the audience will be online users.

Content Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisors

Laid down are the basic content marketing ideas for financial advisors that will be helpful for them. Use these ideas and standout in the crowd since every financial advisor should know about content marketing.

  1. Set goals – Every financial advisor should have monthly or quarterly goals according to which they have to build the content marketing strategy.
  2. Know the audience – Before jumping into content marketing, you have to find the target audience for whom you should be preparing content. By doing this, you can make sure that you are creating relevant content.
  3. Brand positioning – It means developing the brand with the vision of success we have in our mind. So, we can frame the protocol of the task to be executed.
  4. Social media marketing – We should be able to make a potential presence on every social media platform that is compatible with the services. It will help in creating brand awareness.
  5. Blog posts – Make sure to create and share quality blogs that are related to the services. By doing so, the website traffic and lead generation will increase.
  6. Mobile friendly – Nowadays everyone is into their mobile phones, so build a website that is responsive, optimized, and mobile-friendly.
  7. Email marketing – Always send newsletters to your audience weekly or fortnightly, as it helps in building brand loyalty and lead generation.
  8. Ask for feedback – Ask for feedback as this will help you to improve a lot. The audience sees what we couldn’t see.
  9. Check your competitors – Always check on your competitors, because you can add up their positives to your sides and make sure that you don’t make the mistakes they made. And when we compare ourselves with other companies, we get to improve ours.
  10. Follow the latest industry trends – Always stay updated with the latest industry trends, because that’s what people want. They want to know more about the most recent trends than old news.
  11. Offer the audience entertainment – Most people want entertainment, offer that entertainment to them, and they will appreciate your work and will buy your product in the future.

These are just basic content marketing ideas for financial advisors on which one can work. Also try to upgrade these ideas, improvise them and apply, and you will see wonders. Because each person is unique, and no one can think like you, you must be brave to implement such ideas.

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