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Archive | April, 2013

Install ChkRootKit

chkrootkit (Check Rootkit) is a common script used in linux servers, intended to help system administrators. Check their system for known rootkits You can install ChkRootKit by following the below shown steps. cd /usr/local/src/ – Down load the chkrootkit. # wget # wget – Unpack the chkrootkit you just downloaded. # tar -xvzf chkrootkit.tar.gz –  Full Article…


Disable ModSecurity for a single Domain.

ModSecurity supplies an array of request filtering and other security features to the Apache HTTP Server, ModSecurity is a web application layer firewall. ModSecurity is free software. We can disable modsecurity for a single domain. login to the server as root. Just create a directory: mkdir -p /usr/local/apache/conf/userdata/std/2/username/ Then create a file: /usr/local/apache/conf/userdata/std/2/username/ Add the  Full Article…