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Archive | June 1, 2013

Configuring Shared SSL for Zen Cart

We can use the free Shared SSL to configure a Zen Cart shop. Note : If you configure zencart with a shared SSL, it will not work with the URL rewrite modules such as SEO-friendly URLs. If you wish to use a URL rewrite module, then you have to go with the Full SSL Bundle.  Full Article…


Installation of some of the PHP modules.

Some of the PHP modules can be easily installed from one of the cPanel default script. ♦ /scripts/phpextensionmgr Modules which can be installed are: Available Extensions: EAccelerator IonCubeLoader Zendopt Xcache SourceGuardian PHPSuHosin Follow the steps: Login as root in to the server. ♦ /scripts/phpextensionmgr list if you want to install EAccelerator in your server. ♦  Full Article…