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Archive | August 22, 2013

.htaccess restrictions for Magento Installs

Contents/HOME/$USER/PUBLIC_HTML/.HTACCESS/HOME/$USER/PUBLIC_HTML/MEDIA/.HTACCESS   If you installed Magento with Softaculous, then the necessary .htaccess modifications will have already been applied to your site. But if you install Magento manually, then you will need to make the changes as described below. Paths are given as /home/$USER/public_html/ where USER is your cPanel username. If your Magento install is located  Full Article…


Performance Tuning Scripts for Mysql

  Performance Tuning Primer Script is the shell script which gets performance related information from MySQL engine and produce some recommendations for tuning of MySQL server variables. It’s easy to use and offers valuable output for MySQL performance optimization. Performance Tuning Primer Script Usage [*] Download the shell script here. [*] Upload the shell  Full Article…