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Archive | July, 2016

Curved Televisions – Pros and Cons

There is no denial that curved TVs are gaining public attention in the recent months since these deliver greater output and quality as compared to flat screens. But there are still both advantages and disadvantages of curved televisions that must be listed so that an individual gets to easily decide whether or not it would  Full Article…


Why DVD has declined its market and replaced by Blu-ray?

Back in the year 1997 when DVD (Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc) just reached the market it was considered as a huge technological breakthrough that was responsible for revolutionizing the movie industry since it covered the entire world and everyone would love to have it at homes (after the CDs, of course!). But  Full Article…


What is Big Data Management? Its role in current business trends

“A lot of information and a little space to store it “–All human civilizations had this common issue to sort out. Big data Management has become one of the most sought after topics for discussion especially in IT sector. Companies, corporates and organizations are constantly struggling to find solutions to store data according to different  Full Article…