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Archive | October, 2019

How can a startup benefit from ISO 9001?

Certification and implementation of ISO 9001 may not ever be at the top of a new business’ wish list, given the economic and operational pressures, many startups discover themselves in the beginning stages of growth. With choices to be made in terms of project expenses and the advantages they produce, ISO 9001 is a wise  Full Article…


Top Advantages of Linux Mint | 10 Reasons Why to Try It

Linux Mint is simply one of the most favorable and clever distributions of Linux. What are your reasons to try Linux mint? Let’s go through the basics and the advantages of Linux mint briefly. Linux Mint is a community-managed Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that aims to be a smart, simple and convenient operating system  Full Article…


Top 8 Benefits of Chatbots for Business

Chatbots have been on the rise since a few years and these are already widely accepted. They are making a new way for businesses to interact with the world, most importantly, with their consumers by the help of raging acclaim of messaging apps; the stimulated development of all kinds of sensors and wearable items, with  Full Article…