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Archive | May, 2020

Automation – Impact on Retail, finance and IT sectors

We live in a world that changes every day; responding quickly and keeping our business on par with these unprecedented changes has become a major challenge for many of us. Thankfully our business world is already in a path of process automation embracing the possibilities in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The current crisis acts just like  Full Article…


Case Study: Connecting Healthcare To E-Commerce, Meeting The Desire For Convenience

Introduction: Healthcare was one of the industries in India, which was very rigid and not exposed to many technological advancements. As per Gartner’s research, the global trend of spending on an e-commerce platform has increased by 20.7% Leading pharma company tapped into this opportunity by incorporating E-commerce with health care, which revolutionized the healthcare industry  Full Article…


Managing And Securing Business IT infrastructure In Times Of Covid-19

Securing Business IT Infrastructure The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns led organizations to consider employee health and wellbeing in the paramount, thereby adopting remote working/ work from homes. In the wake of this situation, many threat actors are taking advantage of this. This is substantiated by the FBI  releasing a warning regarding  Full Article…