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Archive | July, 2020

How Digital Marketing And Predictive Modelling Are Reshaping The Election Campaign Landscape

It is quite surprising how the pandemic has made a massive disruption to the election  schedules across continents and within countries like Bolivia, Ethiopia, Serbia, Iran, and even the significant US presidential elections. In India, The Election Commission has postponed a few Rajya Sabha and bye-elections due to the pandemic situation. The situation is demanding  Full Article…



67%  of consumers fear that their personal information will be compromised in a future data breach INTRODUCTION Cyber threats are one of the biggest challenges to Business continuity. Therefore, business continuity plans must encompass early detection, proactive response, and speedy recovery from the growing cyber-attacks that may disrupt business operations. There is an increasing trend  Full Article…


How our Educational Ecosystem and Learning will adapt to become a complete Digital Ecosystem after COVID-19

Introduction  Organizations all over the world are facing restrictions in its daily operations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Going forward, these restrictions will impact the education industry as well. In such a situation, the existing educational system needs to be digitized, starting from kindergarten to universities. The entire educational & learning system along  Full Article…