3 Possible reasons to switch from VPS to Dedicated server

Switching from Virtual Private Server to dedicated server literally is not that easy and most technicians know it who have to do the practical part. Moreover, it also requires to invest a lot of money.

Virtual Private Network basically shields our device while we enter another network for browsing by preventing the IP address from exposing and showing the VPN’s IP instead. Many times a client desktop computer or any other device needs to connect to another (server) computer while browsing for wishful information. We do not want to get our device noticed, and in that case, Virtual Private Server is of extreme use. This helps us browse things whose information is kept at a different geographic location and we might not be privileged to have access if we were identified from our real geographic region.

While using VPS, one can custom what’s currently needed, such as operating system, disk space, and bandwidth. It appears as if one is using his own server. It’s affordable as the payment is totally based on what’s being used. But there are cases in which there is a high time to switch the servers. Following are the reasons why one would want to switch from VPS to Dedicated server.

Reasons to switch from VPS to Dedicated server

Reasons to switch from VPS to Dedicated server

1. Performance issues: If one finds that VPS is having lower performance and that is lasting longer than normal then switching is likely considered. Moving to a dedicated server saves time after being actually executed. Dedicated servers are no doubt costly depending on the plan and service providers, nevertheless, it would be faster than before. This is an added advantage if a site is an online retail store and is contiguously growing for business. Moreover, only dedicated servers warrant tight security when it comes to the payments.

2. Bandwidth and space requirement: If a website has large visitors then opting to switch from VPS to dedicated server has always been a good idea. One should also know that keeping a video or two also hampers a site’s functioning. So, uploading videos could also be done on popular sites like YouTube instead of one’s own website before thinking about changing from Virtual Private Server to the dedicated one. If you notice that after removing the video the speed has gone high once again then you might not need to switch, or consider it later if the visitors reach to significantly higher levels.

3. Urgent need to take full control: The Virtual Private Servers cannot provide full control to a user, and therefore, if somebody wants to do stuff, such as software installation on the server then relying on VPS is surely not a good idea. There are also cases in which hardware requirements like enhanced RAM or better CPU come up. The dedicated server is there to provide the entire manipulation as per wish and needs.

There are many popular web hosting services that offer a wide range of solutions catering to your needs. One has to decide in accordance with the existing budget and track record of the provider to know whether (or not) that would prove to be worth. It is possible that mistakes happen or the service that is suitable at present may not be suitable later. The website owner can change the plans by communicating with the provider. Moreover, there is always an option to turn to different web hosting company if need be.


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