Kill apache semaphores

If apache in the server doesn’t start, you can try for the below shown script, it doesnt do any magic, it simply kills the apache semaphores.

I’d assume if you’re reading this article, Apache has stopped running. Run this command as root:

# ipcs -s

If you see a list of semaphores, Apache has not cleaned up after itself, and some semaphores are stuck. Clear them out with this command:

# for i in `ipcs -s | awk '/httpd/ {print $2}'`; do (ipcrm -s $i); done

Now, in almost all cases, Apache should start properly. If it doesn’t, you may just be completely out of available semaphores. You may want to increase your available semaphores, and you’ll need to tickle your kernel to do so. Add this to /etc/sysctl.conf:

kernel.msgmni = 1024
kernel.sem = 250 256000 32 1024




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