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Apachebooster – WordPress Benchmark

Achieved 65% Performance improvement and 150% better access timings in 2core 2GB Xen VPS

Apachebooster is a cpanel featured plugin for enhancing cpanel based server performance. Apachebooster using effective caching technique which takes away the load from the web server and deliver improved performance in high traffic servers.
This blog gives the benchmark result taken for wordpress default installation in a 2 core 2GB Ram Xen VPS.  The result obtained while trying to simultaneously access the wordpress through apache and with apachebooster servers shows 65% performance improvement than usual apache cpanel servers.



In addition to performance improvement , Apachebooster has shown steady and stable access timings in the load test as well. The performance plot taken using Apache Benchmark (ab)  shows the access timings in peak load hours is 150 percentage better than server having apache webserver only.



Apachebooster is easy to install and single click manageable software from WHM interface.

To download Apachebooster – Please visit http://ndimensionz.com/apachebooster


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