Case Study: Connecting Healthcare To E-Commerce, Meeting The Desire For Convenience



Healthcare was one of the industries in India, which was very rigid and not exposed to many technological advancements. As per Gartner’s research, the global trend of spending on an e-commerce platform has increased by 20.7%

Leading pharma company tapped into this opportunity by incorporating E-commerce with health care, which revolutionized the healthcare industry in India. Transforming the health care sector to a digital platform requires technical expertise as well as legal compliance.
We, NDZ, provided them an end to end assistance and guidance
from its ideation to implementation and effective maintenance


● Improving patient experience without leaving their
comfort at home.
● The growing opportunity of e-commerce.
● Increased online customer presence.


When we start to integrate E-commerce to health care, various difficulties arise, which includes regulations and compliance issues that need to be resolved while transforming.

● The requirement of any time anywhere ordering facility
● Effective management of various users at different levels
● Security concern-fraud prevention, spamming with fake orders, cybersecurity issues, and protecting cardholder information.
● Timely delivery- as we are dealing with medicines, timely service is crucial. So we need a consistent and reliable supply chain management system.
● Scalability challenge
● An effective method for storing and managing data.
● Need for process compliance.
● Shipment tracking- customer service is of prior importance, so we need to update tracking of shipments.

Finding The Right Solutions:

● A mobile application and website for reliable front end operations between customer, doctors, and vender
● Digitization modules for seamless management at the
● Cloud storage and maintenance
PCI-DSS for secured payments
● Supply chain management system
● CRM system for developing and maintaining customer
● ISO certification


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