Change a cPanel account having long username without shortening it

Cpanel doesnt allow usernames longer than 8 characters.

You may face issues when sites are migrated from Ensim with usernames longer than the 8 character limit that cPanel imposes.  When changing any of the account properties (owner, parked domains, etc.) they won’t allow it or they force a username to be shortened.  To get around this do the following via ssh:

  1. ssh to linux cpanel server as root
  2. Edit /var/cpanel/users/<username> where <username> is the long userrname of the account with nano or vim
  3. Change the value you want to modify.  Most are self explanatory or documented in the file.
  4. Exit and save (nano is ctrl+x and then Y to save, vim is :wq)
  5. Run the script /scripts/updateuserdomains
  6. exit


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