Disk Space usage of Email showing wrong in Cpanel


In some cases the cPanel disk space consumption will not show correctly either due to the cPanel configuration issue or due to any mess up happened while running the default cPanel scripts to check and update the disk space usage of all the cPanel accounts.

Here I have described two methods to fix this issue.

♦ Running the below script will fix the issue.

/scripts/generate_maildirsize –confirm –allaccounts –verbose username

username : cpanel username for the domain

You can get the available options in /scripts/generate_maildirsize from –help

♦ If that has not fixed the issue, delete the email_accounts.yaml and email_accounts.cache files from the cPanel account’s .cpanel directory.

Now check the disk space usage of the email accounts in cPanel, this time it will shows the correct disk space usage.











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