How to find cpanel, ensim, plesk and direct admin mysql root password


♦ You can get the mysql root password in a cpanel password from the file



♦ To get the mysql password in an ensim server, you need to run the following command in the server

# ensim-python -c "import sys;sys.path.append(\"/usr/lib/opcenter/mysql\");import mysqlbe;print mysqlbe.read_mysqlpass()"


On server with Parallels Plesk Panel versions 8.x, 9.x and above admin password is stored in file /etc/psa/.psa.shadow. Use the following command to get the password:

# cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow

Since version 10 admin password stored in file /etc/psa/.psa.shadow is encrypted. Use the following command to get admin password in plain text:

# /usr/local/psa/bin/admin --show-password

Direct Admin

The username and password used to access MySQL as the “root” user can be obtained from the following file.

# cat /usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf


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