Speed up SSH login

Ssh is the most commonly used client server application to remotely manage linux servers.

Some times when we try ssh to a server, we may come across some delay to reach till the password prompt. We can speed up this process.


1. GSSAPI to authentication is enabled in the server

2. UseDNS is to set to ON, at this time server try to perform DNS resolution on the incoming requests and this will consume the time.

1. We can check whether GSSAPI to authentication is delaying this process by using the below ssh command.

ssh -vvv serveraddress.

If you see mention of GSSAPI in the output and things slow down, disabling GSSAPI will help. For that open the ssh config file.

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Set GSSAPIAuthentication to no
Eg:- GSSAPIAuthentication no

2. UseDNS no


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