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Contents E-Healthcare; Future of Healthcare From E-Consultation to Post-Discharge Management NDimensionZ – Transforming Ideas into Real World Applications The Digital Revamp Change is inevitable and a scenario like the pandemic has forced us to adapt and open up to the “new normal” of digital transformation. When we draw a comparison between the old world paradigm  Full Article…


RPA Can Streamline Hospital Capacity Monitoring for COVID-19

RPA can streamline hospital capacity monitoring for COVID 19 cases. Even western countries with better hospitals and facilities were overwhelmed by the spread of the virus. Hospital capacity monitoring thus has become a priority. This data has to be collected. Before that, a study and decision are required as to what data are relevant for  Full Article…


Case Study: Connecting Healthcare To E-Commerce, Meeting The Desire For Convenience

Introduction: Healthcare was one of the industries in India, which was very rigid and not exposed to many technological advancements. As per Gartner’s research, the global trend of spending on an e-commerce platform has increased by 20.7% Leading pharma company tapped into this opportunity by incorporating E-commerce with health care, which revolutionized the healthcare industry  Full Article…