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Apache Redirection With Masking (Without changing the Url)

Linux Server administrators frequently come across requirements from clients such that they want to redirect their site to another URL WITHOUT changing URL, this can be done by adding a rule in .htaccess file. We can setup redirection for a domain without changing the url in the browser. For that open your .htaccess file and  Full Article…


Key Based SSH Logins With PuTTY

In SSH, key based authentication are more secure while connecting to a server. On Windows Desktops we use application called Putty for accessing a linux server using SSH. We can enable key based authentication in Putty. 1. First we have to create a profile in putty for the target linux server. 2. We have to  Full Article…


How do I find mysql root password in Ensim server?

Ensim was a popular control panel usually installed on linux servers as well as windows servers. Here is the command which you may execute on your ssh console of the server and will output the mysql root password cd /usr/lib/opcenter/mysql/ && python2.2 -c ‘from mysqlbe import *; print read_mysqlpass();’   PS. If you have a  Full Article…