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ApacheBooster has been specifically designed to enhance the working of web-servers based on cPanel. ApacheBooster as the name suggests boosts the working ability of the Apache web server, which is according to the census the most used web server in the world! Nginx and varnish has been fused together in ApacheBooster to make it effectively  Full Article…


Performance Tuning Scripts for Mysql

  Performance Tuning Primer Script is the shell script which gets performance related information from MySQL engine and produce some recommendations for tuning of MySQL server variables. It’s easy to use and offers valuable output for MySQL performance optimization. Performance Tuning Primer Script Usage [*] Download the shell script here. [*] Upload the shell  Full Article…


MySQL optimization

  MySQL OPTIMIZATION MySQL is a popular choice of database for use in web applications. Fully optimizing MySQL takes both time and effort since every application has different requirements. The MySQL database server performance depends on the number of factors. The Optimized Query is one of the factors for the MySQL robust performance. The MySQL  Full Article…