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How Digital Marketing And Predictive Modelling Are Reshaping The Election Campaign Landscape

It is quite surprising how the pandemic has made a massive disruption to the election  schedules across continents and within countries like Bolivia, Ethiopia, Serbia, Iran, and even the significant US presidential elections. In India, The Election Commission has postponed a few Rajya Sabha and bye-elections due to the pandemic situation. The situation is demanding  Full Article…


Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends In 2019

Social media marketing (SMM) is growing as more businesspeople choose huge audience on multiple social media platforms. Here we are to give some remarkable trend to make the maximum from social media marketing. 2018 was a milestone year for both technology and the social media realm. As we are in the year 2019, it is reasonable  Full Article…


Main Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

The term ‘Digital Marketing’ is a method of doing the marketing of the products and services through the digital media, such as email, social networking sites, SEO, content writing, pay-per-click advertising, and so on. It is another way of making the potential consumers aware of the fact that your products/services exist and you are ready  Full Article…