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67%  of consumers fear that their personal information will be compromised in a future data breach INTRODUCTION Cyber threats are one of the biggest challenges to Business continuity. Therefore, business continuity plans must encompass early detection, proactive response, and speedy recovery from the growing cyber-attacks that may disrupt business operations. There is an increasing trend  Full Article…


421 sorry cleartext sessions are not accepted on this server

Sometimes we get a error Message when using the FTP clients: 421 Sorry, cleartext sessions are not accepted on this server. Problem: This error mean that the FTP provider has secured the access with Transport Layer Security (TLS) or its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Solution: Change the protocol of the host to “ftpes://” The  Full Article…


Configuring Shared SSL for Zen Cart

We can use the free Shared SSL to configure a Zen Cart shop. Note : If you configure zencart with a shared SSL, it will not work with the URL rewrite modules such as SEO-friendly URLs. If you wish to use a URL rewrite module, then you have to go with the Full SSL Bundle.  Full Article…