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All You Need to Know About Web Auditing

ContentsOptimization of Conversion Rate4 Assessments to Make While Auditing Your Website1. Website Performance AssessmentMaximum UsabilityCheck out the overall speed of your website2. SEO AssessmentQuality of the content should be high, not just above averageSearch Engine Optimised website3. Conversion Rate EvaluationWebsite Optimized for Lead Generation and Conversions4. Technical EvaluationResponsive website designURLs also need to be optimizedOptimization  Full Article…


What Will You Gain With Website Audit?

In the last blog, you learned what website audit is. This time, you will know what you will gain with a website audit. Basically, website audit is a way to fine-tune your business by addressing the issues and improving the performance thus enhancing the CTR and make your presence felt. If you are having a  Full Article…